June 23, 2020

Welcome here! We are so happy you’re here and we can’t wait for you to get to know a little more about what makes us Copper & Sparrow. Our hope is that this blog will bring together those who stop in every week and those who aren’t able to experience our boutique in person.

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My name is Steph and my life is pure, chaotic energy. I spend my days at home with my two wild little gremlins…er I mean beautiful little angels, or substitute teaching in middle school (I promise the legends of smelliness has been seriously exaggerated). I never miss a Jets game or say no to a Diet Coke. I love being a Manitoba girl through and through. Living in a place surrounded by family (including an Aunt and cousin who own a fabulous boutique) and getting to spend summers camping and winters at the rink is my idea of pure bliss.

Once I started subbing, I realised my stay-at-home-mom uniform of leggings and t-shirts was absolutely comfy, but not exactly screaming “professional”. I loved the idea of getting involved with Copper & Sparrow because it gave me a chance to mix my second-hand pieces with quality, one of a kind items. I didn’t need to overhaul my wardrobe, because a few key pieces breathed new life into my sad (so, so sad) current wardrobe. Finding beautiful and fashionable pieces for a curvy body can be a challenge. I’m not sure why so many fashion designers believe that just because I’m curvy, it means I want to dress like a dump truck. Shopping at a boutique allows me to find items that I truly want to wear instead of buying items because I need something to cover up my body. 

So why “Copper & Sparrow”?

When deciding on a name for the boutique Connie and Shaelyn tossed around different ideas by working with different words that spoke to them. They dabbled with Sparrow & Copper and eventually decided to switch them around. “We loved that C and S were our first initials as well – it all just seemed to fit!” They knew they had really nailed it when coming across Luke 12:6 “What is the price of five sparrows – two copper coins? Yet God does not forget a single one of them.” 

The Shopping Experience

The new space is designed and curated with items for a new collection all with the true shopping experience in mind. Do you remember in the early 2000s when ‘Hollister’ and ‘Abercrombie and Fitch’ were at the very height of their popularity? You’d walk into the dark cave-like store and be instantly enveloped in a cloud of cheap perfume and you just knew that you were in Hollister (and you’d smell like it for the next week), or you’d walk into Abercrombie and Fitch and a handsome, shirtless, guy would greet you. Those stores created an experience for you!

“Is the smell of Hollister still seared into your nostrils today?”

  1. I think I can still even taste it
  2. Thankfully I’m over it
  3. I was one of those lucky ones and never experienced it

The Copper & Sparrow Experience

Don’t worry – our store front has plenty of lighting and the only scents you’ll come across are those of some of our amazing candles. No heavy perfume that stings your nostrils long after you leave the store. We won’t have any shirtless men walking around either since our significant others all turned down the positon. Thankfully we have tailored the Copper & Sparrow boutique experience to women of today who want unique pieces that work in your everyday wardrobe. Having a small, knowledgeable staff allows us to personalize your shopping experience and helps you find exactly what you need. And if you are anything like us, you’ll probably find some items that you don’t need but definitely want (go ahead, treat yourself!). You’ll have space to browse without pressure but our help when you need it. We can help you pick out an outfit that makes you feel like a total ten – without any filters!

Don’t forget to check back soon for our next blog post where you’ll get an inside look at our new space and details about a special event we have in the works!

Written by Steph Letkeman – Blogger + Influencer