The C&S Gift Card Guide

December 30, 2023

If you’re one of the lucky ones who got a Copper & Sparrow gift card for Christmas, this blog post is perfect for you! We’re breaking down our favourite gift card items, and why we love them. Keep on reading for more!


1. A New Bag

As shown below, the bags that we have here at Copper & Sparrow are *chef’s kiss*. They’re so good! My personal new favourite is the brown fanny pack shown in the photo, it’s such a timeless style but also so functional. When in doubt, a new bag is never a bad decision.

2. A Candle & Candle Care Kit

If you’re a candle lover (like me), you need one of these candle care kits. You probably also need a new candle. The Sweet Water Decor candles that we carry are some of the best-smelling candles we have (this is a well-known fact on the blog), and they’re the perfect addition to your home for the cold winter months.

3. A Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is the perfect example of something you probably love, but would never buy yourself. Use your gift card as an excuse to treat yourself to one! The books we have at the boutique are so beautiful, and truly the perfect addition to your living room. We have multiple colours and sizes, and they all pair so nicely together. We’re obsessed, and I know you will be too.

4. A Kitchen Set

Can’t just decide on one thing? Us either. This little set of kitchen additions is the perfect thing to spend your gift card on. The gingerbread cookie dish towel is so cute and also so handy, and the little lowball glasses are the perfect shade of soft green. We added a diffuser to add the perfect cozy smell, you can’t go wrong!


We’ll see you in store soon!

xo, the Copper & Sparrow girls