Mother’s Day – Shaelyn

May 5, 2022

Mother’s Day looks different for everyone but for me, it’s a day to let my mom know that we (the family), appreciate her. She’s always looking out for us and making sure things are taken care of and it’s always been important to me to show her she is loved! Flowers come to mind, my mom loves flowers and as you may have noticed by the boutique windows decorated for this time of year, it’s very evident that flowers make her happy! She has a quote on the wall of her gardening shed that she placed there herself, “I must have flowers, always and always!” She has no problem digging in the dirt and making her hands dirty but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t equally like to get dressed up!

I’ve always known her to be put together. When I say that, I mean an outfit must be completed from head to toe. She’s likes many styles and trends. She definitely is an encouragement to me and my fashionalitiy – personality and fashion-sense. Having fun with outfits and showing a little personality is second nature to her and that has rubbed off on me! I love hats but I haven’t always been confident enough to wear them in the past, I’ve appreciated the encouragement that she gives and she’s my number one cheerleader in so many areas of my life!

My mom wears many hats, figuratively speaking, she’s the glue that keeps our family running smoothly, creative director, business partner and faith encourager. Most of all, she inspires me to never stop dreaming!


Written by Shaelyn Fehr – Co-Owner