Mother’s Day – Amelia

May 5, 2022

If you know me, you know it’s no secret that I love shopping, styling outfits, honestly, anything fashion-related. While I wasn’t always like this, I like to think that my mom’s fashion sense and clothes played a major part in me discovering this. As a kid, her closet was the best place for any and all dress-up clothes. I’m talking better than the dress-up tub. 🙂 I have vivid memories of sneaking into her closet, stealing her high heels and fancy blouses and then running back to my room and pretending I was being interviewed on red carpets. She specifically had this black strapless bridesmaid dress, and that was the best one to play in. My sisters and I would grab it from the back, along with some other fancy ones and then find all the necklaces and shoes to match. We’d get dressed in our “celebrity” outfits, and then proceed to interview each other and have photoshoots.

As I’ve gotten older, I no longer sneak into her closet as often to steal her clothes, she sneaks into mine more. Our relationship has changed from getting to giving fashion advice and it’s become one of the things that make our relationship so special. I know that I always have an extra person to bounce outfit ideas off of, and she is always willing to listen and give advice, no matter which new trend I’m talking about. There are still a couple special pieces in the back of the closet that I’ll grab for certain occasions, aka her vintage cowboy boots. Mom, if you’re reading this, thank you for keeping those. 🙂 Trends have a funny way of coming back around, and I love wearing things she used to wear at my age, and watch her reaction to the outfits she thought were never coming back into style. 😉 Fashion is something I’ll always love, and I love that I can share that passion with her.


Written by Amelia Dueck